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Fic Time!

While sane people are sleeping, I am up all night writing angsty FMA fic (is there any other kind?).

Title: Phantom Limb
Rating: PG
Characters: Alphonse, Edward
Spoilers: None
Summary: How can you feel things that aren't really there?
Warnings: If you squint, it can be seen as Elricesty. But it's not. Really, other than some talk of blood, it's very tame. I waffled on calling it G.
Beta'd by: No one. *Sigh* My usual beta had to be evacuated from hir home due to Hurricaine Katrina, and rather than find another one I decided since this is a one-shot that won't leave LJ I wouldn't bother. But I would like to dedicate it to the currently fleeing trollopfop.

( Follow the fake cut. You know you want to. )

(Crossposted at aguynamedgoo, fm_alchemist, and elricest.)

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