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CN Anime Photos

I just came home from the convention a few hours ago, resized and uploaded all the photos. (Not many though, sadly) and I wanted to share some FMA cosplayer pics with everyone here! ^^

It seems that this time around, the FMA hype is rising! There are more FMA cosplyers! w00t! No really, on Saturday, someone did an Edward in a mini skirt! Haha! Well, enjoy the pics.

Last note, you can hit me cause I missed out on other FMA cosplayers on Saturday... ;___; *hits self for being too lazy and also hopes that the pain will remind her forever and ever to make a costume with footware being comforable on her feet on a long con day*

 Double Edwards! The girl on the left has cat ears! Cute!! They bought these super cute armor Al, but it's not in the pics. ;___;

 Wrath and Envy! Eek! They're holding Ed and Al as hostages!

 Ed's getting a free pic from Hughes!

 I think the girl makes a very good Ed, except her bangs are just a bit long, and the Hughes is really good! ^^

And the the final 2 pics...I don't know, I feel that they're just special ^^;;

 OMG! Mini skirt Edward!! Now that's something you don't see often. Go her! :)

  Don't ask me what they're doing, but I just told my little sister to take a shot of that. xD

I wished I had gotten more pics of other FMA cosplayers. At this con, I saw AT LEAST 5 Edward...

If you're interested, the rest of the CN Anime photos can be found here. (I'm the Haku! ^^;;)

Well, hope you enjoyed them~ ^___^

Um, please tell me if you're in any of the pics here, it'll be cool and maybe at the next convention, we can meet up. ^^

You can use this pics (on here and found in the link, if you want) for anything you want, but it'll be nice to credit. ^^ And lastly, please don't direct-link even though it's on my photobucket  account. ><

*rolls off my computer chair* Zzzzz...


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