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Year of the Mustang

I swear this isn't spam. (But if this isn't allowed please delete. ^^)

This is just a bit of Crackish Information. ^^; While looking for something to watch on television, other than dead old people singing. I turned to channel 26 WETA and I see the title "Year of the Mustang" appear on the tv. I squee thinking...OMG Mustang Mustang...nehh =^_^= Well I'm sure everyone understands? Well after that shot...A *LOAD* of horses (mustangs) appear on the tv. Running wild and free and I just imagined Mustang (a bunch of Roy Mustangs) running together. o.o; It's a documentary on Mustang. (hahaha omg It's like the episode where Roy's group is watching him.) XD Then the documenter says something about a Mustang on the cliff and he was shot by a hunter and fell off. (This was literal insanity. I imagined Hawkeye chasing Roy down and then shooting him. XD

Then my Mom said...Is there anything better to watch?
Me: NO! XD Heh...So I hope others will find this amusing...or I might need to get my brain checked. >_

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