ikuyona (ikuyona) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Special edition tankoubon 12? Maybe. I can't read Japanese! @_@

While surfing for FMA news, I came across this page on JBOOK, and upon babelfishing the item title I was informed that it was "Alchemy teacher of steel (12) the first limited special equipment edition". Being intrigued, I went ahead and babelfished the description as well and this is what came up: "Until now, Mr. Arakawa Hiro draws and you record the alchemy teacher 4 scene cartoon of the steel which was lowered, furthermore can read in only this book, the new work draws and lowers and the booklet which recorded 4 scenes is attached. You draw also the cover and it is the special book of lowering."

Although that gives me a smidgen of a clue, I'd like to be a little more sure of the actual answer.

So, does anyone know what this item is exactly and what the description says in...better English?

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