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promised Newtype Scans~!

These hail from the September issue of Newtype USA and the March '04 Japanese issue. X)

No real spoilers unless you missed an episode of the first season or haven't played the first game (though that info's just general info.)!

My scanners don't like me. XD So, please, feel free to hit me with a watermelon. :D If you require the originals, I can StuffIt them, but not ZIP. (My mac doesn't like WinZip... >_>)

Japanese Newtype "Wandering" packet

September Newtype USA (MUCH smaller because they were HUGE. O_o)

Um... Feel free to do whatever with them... >_>; Drool, fandomise... Whatever. Sorry my copy of the game SUCKS, but it's my first time scanning anything in like this. ^_^;;

Remember, if you want the big scans, I can send them to you in .sit format. Maybe some one could scan them in properly one day? XD

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