Shido Tôyu (shido) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Shido Tôyu

Tales Of Another Festival Video

After seeing requests for the Festival video on the comm, I've ripped the complete thing from my DVD.
It's unsubbed, unfortunately, as it is direct from the official DVD and my Japanese isn't up to standard yet -.- The two files are the live show (which is very centered around the REFLECTIONS special), then the 55 minute-long version of the series.

However, I need some help in where I can host the files. My computer isn't able to create and seed torrents due to a stability issue, and normally I'd just stick the file up on my webhost but a) it's far too big and b) my bandwidth limit is very close due to leechers -.-

So, can anyone suggest where I can upload the file to, so someone else can torrent it for people? Just so long as people remember where the Raw came from ^_~
Thankyou~ x

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