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I'm starting to hate buying on the internet

Hello there, I'm just worrying about some stuff I ordered so :

- Did anyone order the 1st FMA TV Artbook during the past 6 months on Anime Nation ? I think I've ordered it in March and I'm still waiting for it (and as I paid with paypal, my money was gone immediatly -_-). I've emailed them several times and each time they answered me they still didn't have it, I can't believe they have been out of stock for so long and don't even put some kind of warning on their site.

- By the way, does anyone know where I could get this artbook for sure ? It is out of stock on all the sites I searched so I'm starting to think it hasn't been reprinted or something and I will never have it T___T

- I've also pre-ordered a plushie of Movie!Ed as soon as someone posted about it on this community. I think it was in June. It was on PlaJapan.com, and on this site it is written "expected release date 31/08", so why do I keep seeing photos of people who already have it ! (and since the beginning of August...). Anyone is still waiting ?
It's not that I am in a hurry but it was the first time of my life I preordered something, I was hoping I would not have to wait for once ;_;
Life is unfair XP

(btw on plajapan they offer to pre-order some sort of talking dolls of fma, I'm very curious about it XD)

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