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New comm!

XD I made a new comm!! *shot multiple times*

:D Ish for Full Metal Alchemist fanart!!! And by fanart, it can be fanfiction, icons, poems, art, anything!!


Would it be alright to affilate with this comm?

:D Please join if you want~! >w< The artists need a comm~!

I'm in search for help with the comm, as well. :3; Since I have no clue how to make cool layouts and make the userinfo look awesome. So if people are interested, please comment! I need all the help I can get!

Also, I come with a fanart I did for a fic I wrote.

Image hosted by

Note that Winry isn't really that short. I had a bigger version of that but I had to crop. She's actually sitting down. So Ed and Al aren't taller than her XD;

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