A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote in fm_alchemist,
A Guy Named Goo

Yay Randomness!

Here's a funny little story: I have a laptop named Edward. He is so named because the day I bought him, he was the only non-FMA thing I bought (shortly after I won the settlement that allowed me to go to Otakon and waste a lot of money on FMA. This is why disposable income + new anime obsession = scary). Edward survived a 16+ hour bus trip to Baltimore, all of Otakon, and a 13+ hour bus trip back from Baltimore, and considering he's refurbished, God only knows what before he got into my hands. And he has stood strong.

But what did fell Edward? Milk. I made the mistake of bringing a glass of milk near Edward and spilled it all over him. I tried to clean him up as quickly as possible and I called the computer experts in my life, but it seemed like poor Edward was lost to the milk, as the keyboard (and occasionally the mouse or the computer itself) still wouldn't work. I was advised to leave him upside down to dry overnight and if that didn't work, to wait until the resident computer experts get hom to take him apart and clean him.

After spending the night in critical condition, Edward is now back in working condition. What have we learned?

1.) Edward doesn't like milk.

2.) Milk can, indeed, be life-threatening.

3.) Don't drink milk at the computer, especially when your computer is named Edward.

Oh, and here: more proof of why winning a settlement and then getting into a new anime is frightening.

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