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two artists, four new authors

This Public Service Announcement has been crossposted to fm_alchemist, alchemical_aid,
fma_fiction, fma_het, and fmalchemist. Wah. Once again, if you want to get updates,
there's a mailing list now, at yahoogroups.

First, more art from two of the site's artists:

Chira – fanart
Moumusu – fanart

Remember what I was saying about needing more authors to balance out the growth of fanart on the site? Woo, I got my wish! Four new authors!

[The AUTHOR'S NAME will take you to the AUTHOR'S PAGE. If you are not familiar with the author's work, this is the only way to review the warnings, rating, and icons before reading. Do NOT blame me if you click on the title and it's not to your satisifaction. That's WHY the author-name-link exists.]

Andrea WeilingA Pefect Morning | The Path of an Array | This Stretch of Time
Gerald TarrantCemetary in Black and White | Jinkou | Jinkou: Redux | Sandwich Talk
HarukamiAppearances | Makin' Babies | Matchmaker
TinSpring Cleaning | Sick Leave

I'm halfway through uploading the artwork for Majo, and I'll probably have her stuff in by tomorrow's update. Well, assuming I can spend as much uninterrupted time on the computer as I got to, this morning. ;D

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