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Doujinshi, doujinshi~

Huzzah fur first post. o.o

I got my Grandpa to bid on a FMA doujinshi that I saw on Ebay. He won! <3 (Thank you, Papa! ♥) It's called "Strange Cat." (Or, at least that's what it says on the cover.) Have any of you guys heard of it? The only thing that I cantell about it from scans of it is that Ed turns into a catboy and that the couple of it is EdxRoy.

Image hosted by

That's the cover of it. (And no, I did not hotlink this image. >.>)

When it arrives, I'll scan images of it for all of you guys. ^^ I just hope that it doesn't have anything to will permanently scar me for life, though. O.o

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