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Newtype USA September Issue

Well, haven't seen a posting of it yet, so here I go! (I just got it in the mail today too. XD;)

The FMA section (10 whole pages!) in this upcoming issue is going to be a must-have if you're an FMA geek like me (.... most of us are T^T), though it's still PRETTY costly ($13 without tax) for a 160 page mag with three episodes. One of the FMA related things is a _game board_ for ye who like playing games. X)

Section 1: Starting Over

Okay, basically a recap/what's to come... But, "a mysterious boy" is on the image... (nudist running in the forest. :O) Opening 2-page spread, not much else to note...

Section 2: Head Over Heels

Izumi-sensei~! OMG, Izumi-sensei's abusing those poor CHILDREN! O_o j/k lol This page has Sho Aikawa (the story editor) reflecting on Ed and Al's past, present, and future (more like choices they've made, but whatever). Features (as stated before) Izumi-sensei teaching the Elrics as well as Sig (<3) and Mason watching the inmpending doom.

Section 3: Calm Before The Storm

Swarms of screen caps and one of Ed relaxing on this page set. Talks about background stories pertaining to the characters, how complex they are and the way it will affect upcoming episodes.

Section 4: In Memoriam

T^T I think we can all guess what this one's about. ;__; Damnit, I'm not even going to type anything on this one. XD;

Game Board : Fullmetal-opoly (lol)

I hope to post some scans of this baby soon, so you can all see it's pretty pretty layout. 37 squares and one die... Four players can play as either Ed (Orange), Al (Purple), Black Hayate (Green), or Neco-in-a-box (Deep pink)~! The board tours you through the first half of the series, finishing you at Izumi-sensei's arrival (because we love her so much :D). There's some wacky things attatched to the board's spaces (one is "Bark like a dog. You're a dog of the military until your next turn."), but this wouldn't be a FMA game board without those. ;P (My FAVOURITE is "Everyone calls you "useless" until your next turn." XD) But, seriously, this game board is a very neat way to go through the first half to remind you of the little silly things and the major steps the Brothers Elric and the other characters have gone through. X)

So yeah, scans later if I can manage it. X) Good iconing material in here! :O

*edits* I just remembered... If you're interested in Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex... There's the first 2nd GIG episode on the free DVD. X)

Other Newtype features include: Gundam SEED Destiny, more CLAMP stuff, Planetes, Gunslinger Girl, and more. X_x Just in case you don't want it JUST for your FMA!crack. lol

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