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Hagaren trading cards part I

I don't know if someone's posted about this before, but here's a little scoop for you all^^
Yays for the Hagaren trading cards!!! You might have seen from the preview in episode 23 how the booster packs look like, I've managed to get meself a pack (going back to get one more tomorrow *Squees*), and I have extra information on it:

All in all, there are 81 cards of part I, which are of episodes 1-13.
9 special shiny cards
9 illustration cards
9 first opening cards
9 first ending cards
18 character cards
27 story cards

There are 10 cards in each booster pack, and on average you get one special card in every two packs^^

Here are the cards I got!
2 OP cards
2 ED cards
3 story cards
1 special (no. 7)
Winry and Roy character cards

Wheee! When I have time I'll scan the special cards XD Since they have pictures that you can't find anywhere else *ish very much in love now*

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