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I'm posting something other than icons!

Yes I have done FMA fanart in the past, which can all be found on my deviantart account ( but most of them are pretty gosh darn horrible! This is the only one I like.

Image hosted by

ta-DA! Movie!Ed... from behind! :O

I oringinally wanted to draw Ed and Al together, but eh, it didn't work out that way. I just drew Ed... the back of his coat... which I had to wing it by the way. I was 3am, my mom was asleep on the couch, and my computer was already off--OH BUT WAIT, I just happen to have this lovely movie poster of Ed on the back of my door. And I shaded it too!! God, do I SUCK at shading .__. ....

My friend says his face is too long, and I agree, but it's all like.. pretty.. and shaded... so fixing it would only make a mess T_T...


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