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Hello people in the FMA community~!

During Otakon, I have been selling bookmarks from FMA ^^ I have a few left and I want to get rid of them :D so I'm taking this chance to see if anyone outside of Otakon is interested ^^

These are the only design I have printed and laminated
they are 1.5 in. x 5.5 in.
hard laminted, and comes with a ribbon with a color of your choice <3
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white

If your interested in buying them, they are $1 each, with $1 shipping for as many as you are getting (for example, 1 bookmark is $1 shipping :x....5 bookmarks is also $1 shipping ^^). I do have other designs such as naruto, sasuke, link, kira yamato, athrun zala, yzak jules, sora, and riku. if you wanted to see what they all look like, click here.
of course, more designs are on their way and hopefully i'll get hughes, envy, and lots more ^^

Thanks for taking your time reading this <3 <3!!


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