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Unofficially - Hawkeye/Winry

A short Hawkeye/Winry drabble. Why? Because I'm strange like that.

Ok, so they met briefly in one episode, but when a plot bunny starts eating my brain... Besides, the Hagaren fandom needs fem-slash. everyone needs fem-slash. It makes the world a better place.

Actually, is there any other fem-slash for Hagaren out there, or do I get to claim the prize for first piece (in English anyway).

By Enigma O (enigma_o@page8studios.co.uk)

The official unofficial reason I was accompanying Fullmetal and Alphonse-kun was that I was exceptionally mad at the Colonel and, as punishment was subjecting him to his own coffee making skills. The official reason was, of course, that someone had to protect them on the trip back to visit their home town. Edward-kun's automail needed servicing after all, so he was hardly on top form, and Alphonse looked about as rundown as is possible for him.

Besides, Major Armstrong insisted, and no one at the office really wanted to try and convince him other wise. He seems to have that affect on them. Or rather most people. Fullmetal as usual proving the exception to the rule, especially since the Major was insisting on accompanying them himself.

It was at that point I entered the Colonel's office to inform him that Major Armstrong would be accompanying them. I caught the Colonel in the act of combusting some obsolete but sensitive files. I suspect I startled him.

I suspect the others outside were rather startled when, after three gunshots, I exited the room mildly scorched and informed them that I would be accompanying the Elric brothers.

I heard the Colonel didn't dare leave his office till I'd long left the building. I hold out little hope that he actually got any work done.

So that was the official unofficial reason I was currently walking up the road from the station to Rozenbull. But the unofficial unofficial reason... I've been telling my self it was curiosity, or perhaps respect.

We haven't really met, no more than a few words and a curt nod before I pushed them into the car. I think both of us were more worried about Ed at the time, he was still shaking and looked, thin. But we touched, my hands on her shoulders, a blanket between us.

Actually, no one really met her. She was Ed and Al's friend after all. But we saw enough. She's a part of what Hughes calls 'The fullmetal support division'. I would have to agree. Like Alphonse, she's now one of those few who could walk right into headquarters at it's busiest, ask to be taken to see Ed and it would happen. No questions.

And I still remember her at that time. Shaking and wrapped in a blanket. Most girls I've met would have been in hysterics, clutching onto anyone in site. Most boys too, probably, and more grown men that would admit to it later.

She didn't, she stood by and watched and did her best to help. I think that's when I began to be curious.

But it's been a long trip, relatively quiet considering my traveling companions. They slept a lot, more tired than they'd ever dare let on I suspect. I've had a lot of time to think. About blond hair and strong eyes. Hughes joked once, after she left and when he thought I was out of earshot that we were a lot alike. It's true. We both have someone we watch over, even if they burn our coats or don't reply to our letters. And we both know we're not the someone that person is looking for.

Fullmetal's leg is creaking slightly as we climb the last hill. Alphonse sighs softly and a dog comes bounding up to us. I look towards the door of the house. She's standing there, half dressed is an overall, half a summer top. All accessorized with the oil on her hands and smudged on her nose.

A spanner hits Fullmetal on the head, and my breath catches just a little in my chest.

Officially I tell myself I'm just curious. Unofficially, perhaps. Just perhaps.

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