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♥ I was brought into inspiration for writing this by Frou Frou. The music is great. LISTEN TO IT. ^__^;; Anyway, this is just a cute little one page elricest I did. Enjoy it, there is always room for more. ♥

Title:Emotions and Memories
Rating: G
Pairing: Ed x Al (Elricest)
Writing Music: Frou Frou, Breathe In
Summary: Sometimes, it was good to dwell on memories....

They lay in the bed together, laughing. Although they were both tired from their previous activity, they both looked forward to nights like this too much to sleep.

Alphonse pulled his brother close, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. “And then, do you remember when we both fell into the river? Mom was so mad at us! But then she forgave us when we told her we were trying to catch crawfish for dinner.” Edward laughed, pressing his forehead against Al’s. “Yeah, and then she told us we’d have to catch about two hundred off them just for you to eat.”

Memories. These were the things that helped bind people together. There were so many different kinds of them. Sad, frustrating, happy. Memories were like emotions, in a way. They told of how you felt at a certain time, when something happened to you. They could be part of an outlet to dreams.

Memories were something that should be cherished, and if anyone knew that, it was the Elric brothers.

There were so many things that had happened to them. Good and bad. Most who knew them, knew this simple fact. But no one really knew how they had suffered, aside from they themselves.

Some people would drown in their bad memories, content in ‘punishing’ themselves for what they had done. Sometimes, one of the brothers would do this, but they always had the other to help them out of it. You should grow from memories, learn from them, and think of the positive ones. This is something they both agreed on.

So honestly, when a mention of a relationship came along, it was no surprise both of them almost immediately agreed to it.

“Let’s make new memories together, Al.” Was Edward’s response, as he slipped his arms around his brother’s waist and kissed him lightly.

And they did make new memories together. But still, old memories that were good shouldn’t be forgotten.

So, on the nights Edward wasn’t working late, and Al wasn’t sitting at home, studying but thinking of nothing else but his brother, they would go to bed early, and (if nothing else interrupted them, wanted or not), they would talk about the old days. Their days in Rizenbool, and adventures without the danger. And of course, their mother. They never ran out of memories about her.

Then, they fall asleep in each other’s arms, whispering their love to each other.

And in the mornings, they agreed on how much better they felt. And, in truth, how much the memories had helped.

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