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16 March 2004 @ 07:50 pm
Ficta Ficta  
I've decided to admit that angst I can at least semi-write. Ugh. Sorry! >.< I wonder if I should go back to lurking. >.>; Unless I can churn out something light-hearted next time.

Title: Jagged Healing
Author: MaddPuss

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Warnin's: More angsty goodness. Drabble. First and Second POV. So very vague.

Summery: Al has lost his metal body and is human again.

Author's Comments: Did you know Guano Apes is pretty good for angst music?

Covering of My Ass [Formally known as Disclaimer]: I am not rich. I am not japanese by any means. I am, however, an amature writer who is honing her teeth on fandom.


It's a month later, brother. I haven't been able to tell Winry what happened. I hope you forgive me for that. I know she's worried for me. Even if she doesn't say anything. Why..why did you do it? Did you think it would make me happy? It didn't, you know. But, you always were stubborn. You are afterall, the Fullmetal Alchemist. The youngest National Alchemist ever. I think you forgot that you could die too.

I would like to tell Winry that we survived. But, we didn't. Not really. I wasn't as good at alchemy as you were, brother. You always did have that almost un-natural knack for it. I'd say that father would be proud, but you would only scowl and look the other way. We didn't know what we were really getting into. You didn't know what it truely meant to be a dog of the military. I guess you know now.

And yet..and yet..I pray that I'll see you again. Or even hear your voice. Maybe we can take a journey to somewhere far away. Just you and I. With no problems complicating things. This is your fault. You knew what you were doing, didn't you. I wish I could hate you for it. But, I can't. I will always love you, Edward Elric. Even if you did this.

Alphonse Elric stood, looking quietly at his reflection. Light golden eyes that have seen too much. He remembered that his brother's eyes were darker, more expressive then his. His eyes took in the blond hair tied into a braid. He didn't have the heart to cut it all off. The auto-mail arm and leg remained. Even alchemy isn't perfect, Al supposed. He stared at his human hand for some time, mesmorized by the wrinkles. As his eyes followed the lines down to the wrist, he scowled slightly as he took in the red seal there. It wasn't like any normal seal. No amount of washing could get rid of the mark. It was as if the blood seal had become a tattoo marking. To either damn him or not, Al wasn't sure of. He spun away from the mirror and walked toward the door. Behind him, his reflection watched, hands pressed against the glass before misting away.

Aretearete on March 16th, 2004 05:16 pm (UTC)
The thing that drives me angsty with all these pieces is that Ed would do all these things. He would think the actions through, and then go on, knowing full well the consequences. If Ed lived, he would live with the consequences. If he didn't, he knows Al can. But damnit, I don't wanna see the boys go through this.
maddpuss on March 16th, 2004 05:19 pm (UTC)
I know. That's why I think I like this series. Works perfectly with my er..genre of writing as it were. I'd love to write romance and fluffy things. But it seems like I lack the proper mindset for it. -.-;;