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Otakon 2005 Pics

Ahaha I went to Otakon with angiechow and come bearing cosplay pics involving making out, humpage, hugging, and movie cosplay pics (though no spoilers for what happens, just for appearances). And to top it off, the making out and humping was all consensual. xD They are work safe though so no worries. x3 I also apologize ahead of time for some of them being blurry. :x

Very picture heavy. Dialup users be warned.

(Edit: Sorry everyone! I had a small html mistake, but all fixed now.)

By the way, I was the one that made that huge Al plush, and you see it quite a few times in some of the images. xD; I have the type of pictures seperated into categories, so scroll to see whatever. I have some.. Russel/Ed, Roy/Ed, Al/Ed, Al/Ed/Al..yeah I think that covers it, though most are just together or hugging, there is some action. >D

Normal Pictures

(They told me they were 'Dark Roy') YAY for elricest. :D

And also a few Vic..

YAY he hugged my Al. xD He was really nice to everyone there.. though I wish Paku Romi coulda came instead..

BBI ones..

And some of that huge Al we all love..

AND TO SHOW YOU how they made him wrong. D: He is supposed to have three like.. layers of metal under his loincloth, its not smooth like that. (But I had fun under him nevertheless >D)

Movie Pictures

Aww angsting.

And for some happier pictures.. <<;;

You know he wants it. <<;
And above is my favorite picture ever. xDD I love you two, whoever you are! <3

And that concludes my post that took way too long to make, and burnt out my brain with html. Hope you enjoyed.. and if you are in any, let me know! Al hail my huge Al that everyone kept telling me looks like... well im sure you can guess. xD

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