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Hopefully a Movie Release?

While I was at the mall earlier today I read this one anime magazine that had an article on Fullmetal Alchemist. I can't really remember the name of the magazine but the article was talking about the new season of Fullemtal Alchemist that will be airing this Fall in the U.S. While I was reading that,I came across a little section that was talking about the FMA movie that was currently released in Japan last month. The article said that there is no exact U.S. date when the movie will come out in English but it did say that it will be shown on Adult Swim around 2006 in which the last episode of FMA will air. I don't know about the release of the movie DVD but this kinda made me think alot about it in a way.

I wish I could've bought the magazine and scanned the article but sadly I didn't. I'm very stupid. Sorry.;_;

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