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Please... Help my sanity!


I know... I'm sorry to ask for this but I have those two song stuck inside of my head and they won't get out until I hear them in full ... yeah my brain is like that. I've been looking to get the CDs but I couldn't find them in NY city and well NO ONE is going to have them here.

Could someone PLEAAAAAASE send me the MP3 of Melissa (1st opening) and Rewrite(last opening)? I'll give you cookies... I'll draw a fanart for you but PLEEEEEEASE... I've been having those two song incomplete in my head for 3 weeks in a broken loop. I swear if I find the CDs I'll buy them and listen to them religiously...

Thank you so much to help me with my rambling...

EDIT: Thank you so much for helping me=D I got all that I needed thank you so very much!!!

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