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{fanfiction} + {fanart} - This is probably about as offensive as fanfiction can get. D:

Title: Begierde (transl.: "Desire")
Author: vanitas_mundi
Rating: NC - 17
Pairing: Roy x Edward ( ... with a twist. )
Genre: AU, Drama/Angst

IMPORTANT: This fanfiction takes place about 1942, in Nazi Germany, more directly in a "Napola". A so-called "Napola" (National Political Education Institute) is a special institution for gifted boys to turn them into the Nazi elite. Their days consist of military training and indoctrination; they are forced to lose all pity and become ruthless servants of the Führer. The cadets are considered the superior breed and the elites of the Germans, destined to be future generals. Roy is one of the officers of the SS (the Nazi elite force) who run said "schools".

Warnings: Non-con, blackmail, tons of angst and a tad of violence.
Notes: I bow to theblackscorpio, my beloved beta-reader. Thank you, dear ♥.
Also, I want to thank the people who commented on my previous fanfictions and encouraged me so kindly. I thank all of you! : 3
To look at the fanart it, just click on the link in the text, it's are direct links to the picture. (Again, made by me.)
Summary: Edward makes a grave mistake and is at the Colonel's mercy. Can Edward save himself without breaking?

( On to the fic! [Fake Cut] )

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