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My friend brought up this point...

Question about the end of the series....
If this has been brought up before, please answer teh question and then delete the post.

I was rewatching the series for like the fifth time with my new girlfriend who had only seen up to where Adult Swim left off... And like...
We had gotten up to like episode 50 or so and she brought up the point: You know how Envy is supposedly Ed's half brother? And how he looks so damned much like Hohenheim? That really makes no sense since like... Hohenheim's body from 400 years ago is definetely not the same as his current one. So why does Envy's original form look so much like Hohenheim's current body? And that would make Edward and Envy like.. not related at all, right?

I thought she brought up a really good point, lol.

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