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For anyone who is willing to help out a fellow AMV making member here.

I have a really big favour to ask for anyone with FMA episodes on their PC to be able to rip me some clips of Edward and Roy, Various scenes, Comedy some deadly serious and some fighting as well...See I was listening to some of my Monthy Python clips on my PC...And I came across "The Black Knight" which I really want to do over (With Roy as King Arthur and Ed as the Black Knight and possibly either Riza or Alphonse as Patsy.) the thing is I don't have a DVD ripper of my own to rip the clips from my own computer. If anyone would be willing to help me out with this project I'd be really greatful and will be also credited also at the end of the video.
The ripped clips must also be in MPEG form since my computer is really picky about what it plays, usually it's not a problem but since Winamp decided it didn't want to work for me anymore I'm stuck using Windows Media Player until the problem is resolved.

I don't know whether this sort of post is allowed or not it's just that I know a few of you make AMV's of your own and have really good quality clips. So please contact me either on here or via AIM. My screen name is Saft Chan.

Thanks Guys

- *The Creative Alchemist, Safty :)

*Currently working on Fics, Fanart, Icons and AMV's... @_@

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