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Lotsa Fanarts Stuff

It was really early in the morning, my playlist was full of Alchemist music.. I had just heard Vic speak my favorite line that I think will ever come from his mouth, and I had a new sketchbook and one bit of lead left in my pencil. And for some reason.. I wanted to practice the Anime style of Ed. It started well enough, but soon I hopped from 15 year old Ed to young Ed from Misc. moments before Trisha dies. I figure I may share them with you.. Of course one of them is older Ed, but he's too pretty/drunk looking to ignore. ._.; The pictures are kind of big, so beware.

Mom's ditch attempt to get her son to start drinking milk: show him the cow isn't all that bad to begin with. Mom's just shaking her head thinking "Of all the children in the petting zoo.. Of all of them it -had- to choose that one!" while Al's going "And I thought he was gonna take a sip, too."

"Not All the Bad Things are Taught by Dad" Long title. Trisha's teaching Ed how to cross his eyes because he insisted after seeing her do it. Al's freakin out going "No! Okaasan! Winry said your face'll get stuck that way if you do that for too long!"

Brotherly love. Of course, I had a little comic to go along with it where Al is all "Im too old for that! Besides, Im taller than you, I should be protecting -you- not the other way around!" with Ed's revenge from when Al is all beat up in his Armor form. "So who needs -who- now?" "Nii-san just fix me ><;"

Not much to explain that Al hasn't. He had this face where I figure'd he'd be scheming or picking on someone, but the blush things I added on a whim made him look kind of drunk. Don't ask, I dont think Ed drinks but. *shrugs*

Maybe if you pick one you like most I'll get off my ass and color it, add it to my long to do list, at least. x_x;

Enjoy them!

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