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card scans part 2

Zra returns with MORE CARD SCANS. And because I felt like it, there are a couple I saved LARGE versions of.

For those who wish a visual aid, they are the cards from THIS collection:

(Currently on sale at my local Suncoast, not sure if it's be the same for others. This is the last I'll post from this set, since I don't have anymore from this set.)

Sadly, I don't have card #43. So if someone out there has it, I'm more than willing to trade several of my doubles to get it! More if you have an SP card I don't own yet.

And now for the oversized scans. And by oversized, I mean in one direction or another, card side exceeds 1000 pixels.

Because I saw someone request a larger version of this from someone else. But I think my saving process killed the details you wanted to see treesock. :/

(I don't think I ever noticed Falman and Havoc in that short bit from the first OP sequence before, hiding in the background as they are.)

Because this is one cute family

And these I just though would look nice as desktop wallpapers:

(The last one is smaller because it was from one of the smaller pictures on the back of a card instead of being the main picture itself.)

Enjoy! Eventually I'll properly scan one of my others collections. I tink I'll try for the photo collections. I have some from both series II and series III. (Which I bought from the WizzyWig booth at Acen.)

Part 1 is here.

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