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Just a short fic. One-sided elricest and implied Al/Winry.

No one understood how hard it was for him to let go.

It was heartbreaking. He fell into shock the first time it was mentioned, and then he broke into pieces when it came to be.

He’d known he wouldn’t be allowed to be with Al. But he’d gotten their bodies back to normal, and he was willing to accept that the mission was over with. Their goal had been met.

For a while, things seemed as though they would be ok. He had Al. There was nothing he couldn’t face while he had him. He watched as his friends went on with their lives, many of them marrying, having children, and he was left behind.

But that didn’t matter. He had one person he loved. He could be content.

Then his mirror of perfection was shattered.

“Nii-san? I’m… going to move in with Winry. Is that alright?”

His mind screamed. No, Al! It’s not alright! I need you! His smile betrayed what he really felt. “Sure Al, just remember to visit me once in a while alright?” He’d nudged him, making jokes about Winry, laughing when Al blushed. Inside, he was being ripped apart.

He stood on the platform at the train station, hugging Al tightly. “I love you Al” he whispered quietly. Al smiled. “I love you too Nii-san. Don’t worry, we’ll visit soon ok?” He let go.

He held onto Al’s sleeve. Biting his lip, he let go.

Al got onto the train, waving as it left.

He watched with sad eyes, and as the train turned the corner, whispered into the wind, “Don’t forget about me.”

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