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Safty comes bearing a Fic...which is a drabble which she hopes will become a Fic.

TITLE : The Gender Bender Alchemist - Edward Elric ( No...this isn't the official title it's the only thing I could think of right now though so please bare with me.)
PAIRING : None as of yet..although I'm tempted to lean towards Ed/Roy at some point.
RATING : None as of yet, it depends on how this thing will turn out.
SUMMARY: What if the Full Metal Alchemist woke up to find things had drastically changed about him-herself?! Edward wakes up one morning to find himself as a female woman, How is he going to hide this from his brother Alphonse? And what will the military have to say about this? Is Edward dreaming or is this real?
WARNING : Do not read if you're uuber snobbish about grammar, or slightly picky with the whole idea of Gender-bender. The idea from this came from myself randomly drawing and for some reason I drew a female Ed...which I really liked the look of and then took it upon myself to attempt to write fic.


Ed yawned and rubbed his eyes, his tongue rolled around his mouth , it had felt a bit dry, the same way it did every other morning, plus it saved him from climbing out of the bed to go drink a glass of water and having to face that irritating bastard Mustang. He rubbed the sand out his eyes and leant up in bed, something felt slightly different, He felt light headed and dizzy almost as if he couldn't remember what had happened the night before, It wasn't at all like Ed to go out drinking, afterall even though he was a dog of the military he wasn't old enough to drink, nor was he allowed into bars because of his height. He smiled and looked towards the other bed, gazing happily towards his little brother.

"Al, are you awake?"

There was no reply, obviously he had had a long night as well.Ed stood to his feet and glanced over to his right arm, he had to remind himself why he had become this because he had made a foolish mistake to try and bring back their mother, His right arm and his left leg were the price he had to pay for attempting to bring his and Al's mother back to life.

Wait a moment...

Ed's eyes widened for a mere second, he realised something was drastically wrong. His voice! what had happened to his voice?! it sounded soft, more feminine, more like...
Ed shook his head and instantly ran into the bathroom breathing heavily, he looked into the mirror and bit his bottom lip, he didn't know whether or not to pinch himself, this had to be some sort of weird dream this couldn't be real! before his reflection was two firm rounded breasts, his thoights were more curved, he had lips! WOMEN'S lips! his hands and fingers were smaller in size on his left hand yet his Automail hand hadn't changed at all, Ed collapsed to his knees covering his mouth, What had happened the night before?! he couldn't remember...Dammit! Why!? Why couldn't he remember...and why was he in this body, this feminine body?!
Ed could hear his brother waking up, what was he going to do?! He couldn't let Al see him like this, He suddenly made a dash for the bathroom door to check if it was closed and locked. they were thankgod, Ed slammed his back towards the back of the door and let out a annoyed yell. "DAMMIT!"

Alphonse turned and looked to Ed's bed, he wasn't there, he was obviously in the bathroom, Alphonse stretched himself out a little even though he didn't even know why he felt the need to do so, He was merely just a invisable person stuck within a suit of amour, well at least that's what it felt like at times. Alphonse chuckled he had always imagined his older brother to check himself out in the mirror admiring himself, trying to make lame come ons to Winry if there ever was a chance for a relationship with her at all. But then...all of this seemed rather odd.

"Brother? Why did you lock the door?"
-" Ehm! No reason!"
"..Edward? What's with your voice...? did you get something stuck in the door whilst locking it?!"
" Well...can I come in? I want to see you."
- "...I'd rather you didn't Al...You see..I ..a..I barfed up all over the place, Yea! and..it smells really bad, You really don't wanna come in here...trust me."

Alphonse shrugged and made his way towards the bedroom door, Obviously Ed was up to something..it made Al feel a little left out and a little bad. He thought if something was wrong with Ed, he would be the first person his brother would turn to for help. Al shook off this feeling of lonliness and opened the door, it shut again after a few seconds, He had left.

Now...How was Ed going to handle this? Go to the cornel? Hell no, Roy was the last person he'd turn to. He could imagine that stuck up bastard laughing and poking at his breasts and god forbid try to get him into a Mini-skirt. No, Ed would handle this as a man..uh...well as best as he could anyway, Maybe..all he needed to do was not to admit this had ever happened. He needed to get some clothes and fast, But where from?...Who did he know in the military who he would feel comfortable sneaking into their room to steal some of their clothes...just for now?...Then it hit him. Ed let out a small impish grin, Surely he'd be able to fit into some of her clothes in this new body of his. Even if he wasn't he could somehow find a way to adjust them so he could fit into them.

"Riza's room..."

To be continued.

I'd just like to point out, I don't have the best grammar in the world, I have no idea when this fic is placed...I'm only going to use the characters I'm familar with at the moment though seeing as I've only seen up to the first four volumes of the DVD, So forgive me if any details are drastically wrong, they'll be fixed in the future, again this is only a attempt at fic, I haven't written fic in the longest time...And I really need to somehow let my creative juices get flowing if I'm going to start writing properly again. Please comment and tell me what you think.


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