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drabbles of various pairings and characters (resulting from the request meme)

There's quite a few of these (11, to be precise), so if you want to have a look at all of them, I'll provide a link to the post itself, here.

Individually, though...

For allherglory - movie!Al and movie!Ed ( with "Brother, do you condition your hair?" )

For wired_lizard - SquishyOTP (Hughes/Ed) with handcuffs. Watch me add Roy/Ed and Ed/Winry subtext and totally fail at the handcuffs. )

For leasspell_dael - Dante gen, with crossdressing. I went strange places with it. )

For dragontrap - Envy & Snape with "You know, you really do suck at this game...." )

For lykomancer - Hohenheim/Ed with the words 'all I can do'. Watch out for the wrongness and Ed being a vindictive little bastard. )

For zodiacstargazer - Dumbledore/Hohenheim, with "Why, that is utterly fascinating." )

For sky_dark - Roy and Ed, with "When you said, 'disaster in the making', what did you mean, exactly?" )

For allhisengines - Roy/Ed with this Chuck Palahnuik quote: 'Sometimes the past seems too big for the present to hold.' )

For cosmicbiscuit - Archer/Havoc, with the words 'He was always fascinated by the possessions of others, and the marksman was an attractive possession indeed.' )

For psi_neko - Edward and Roy from my WIP, Far As You Go, with "Why have you been stalking me?" )

For snarky_kat - Scar/Lust, with "The moon is full of blood tonight." )

Some of these cross-posted to fma_yaoi, apologies for the length of this post.

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