Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Card scans part 1

I'm working on scanning my card collection, and I'm first starting with what I have from the cards I've been most recently buying from Suncoast. (Which is my main FMA supply stop for merchandise. I'm usually the first to buy something, and when it's something like cards, I'm the last to buy it too. XD I'm obsessive, I know. But it means they keep stocking more FMA stuff. =D)

For those who wish a visual aid, they are the cards from THIS collection:

I think there's only 3 or 4 out of these cards that I DON'T have 2 or more of. XD

I can scan any of these cards large enough to be desktops if someone ever REALLY needs such a large scan. My default for my scanner is over 1000 pixels for the width of one of these 3.5 x 2.5 inch cards. (I resized to 400 pixels.)

That's an example of a non shrank card. And my new desktop wallpaper. XD

If the colors or brightness/contrast don't look quite right, blame my non-adjustable moniter. I know things that look dark on my moniter are actually lighter, so I tried to atleast adjust for that.

EDIT: I so could have just made a post with a link to the photobucket account I have these in, but what fun is that? XD

Further Edit: This set has 45 normal cards (most of which are shown here), and 30 sp cards (18 Rare Holofoil Chase Cards, 12 Ultra-rar Holofoil Chase Cards, and no, i can't tell teh difference between them.)

Look for more scans hopefully tomorrow. =D I have cards from 3 others sets yet! (although not many from the photo collection cards I have. ;_; *sniffle*)

Okay okay, I'll just up and go to bed! ._. *has work in 4-5 hours*

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