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Song confirmation and download! FO banner?

I found these on an obscure anime site... Since I haven't seen anything about the movie's opening and ending songs, thought I'd get this confirmed... and give y'all a listen. Sorry if it's been posted recently.... I'll delete (or a lovely mod can delete) if so~!

I need heavy conformation on this and I'm pretty sure that all of you know it by now. -_-; I've been playing too much WoW lately to really notice anything. XD;
So, from this site, I've gathered that:

Lost Heaven

Are the movie's opening and ending (in order). I want to make sure because.... because.... o_o Um.......... >_>; -_-;;;

Anyway, be gentle if you download these two... I'm hosting them on my own server that has a gb of bandwidth to use (around 70mb is done so far, so dent it! DENT IT! O_O). If it gets too damaging, I'm taking them down before the month I'm giving. M'kaaaaaaay?

Anyway, any input's appreciated on this thing. @_@; I... just wanna know. XD;

So, moving on, how was that feather boa Envy had? ... *shivers at thought of Envy ever having a feather boa*

Aha.... I love this image too much. XD; I slapped it on an FO banner. Have fun. ._.;

Feel free to direct link (URL: :) It's hosted on Photobucket. X)

Okay, enough ruining your lives! >3 Nyan nya~!

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