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The joys and disappointments of Realmscon.

First, the joys:
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Aru! Eee. It was the last one (or so they told me) and I had to have him.

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THE KITTEN. Yesh, ladies and gents, the infamous kitten. I walked around meowing with it. My very own personal Edo-kun can attest to that. :giggle:

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And, of course, he HAS to have the flamel symbol.

Sidenote: I'm such a Harry Potter geek that I knew who Nicholas Flamel was before I saw FMA XD

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Zipper pull! But what's funny is that... it's Aru, but labeled as Edo. The laughter ensued when I showed my friends.

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Keychain/coinpurse. I was trying to make the same face. It didn't work.

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The trading card game! OK, I have no idea how it works, but I was like OMGWTFBBQFMA so I bought it :[

And the disappointments!

The elusive Christopher Patton who was scheduled to be there? Yeah, he couldn't show up due to health reasons. I was verrah, verrah sad when I found out, but then again, if I couldn't be somewhere because of health reasons, I'd want my fans to understand. That is, if I had fans. Wait, do I have fans? I don't know.

savvychaos SHOULD'VE won the Cosplay because she was the only hint of FMA in the entire competition. And, personally, I think she was the best. But I'm biased >.>

Expect more stuff from her... hopefully. I don't want to promise anything and then nothing happens!

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