Aggie (aggiechan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

My FMA Dream...

*cut out from my original post on my lj, and put here for the so fact that it is related to FMA.. ^^;*

I actually had a FMA dream last night. Me and Winry were looking for Ed and Al. We find them sitting on top of a train that's about to leave. We manage to lift ourselves onto the train and balance ourselves so that we don't fall off. We were all sitting at the front of the train, on the roof, and then the train begins to move. I'm holding onto some piece of metal so I don't fall off, and I think I heard Winry scream of fright at some point. Suddenly, the train speeds up and is going remarkably fast. The entire train route becomes a rollar coaster ride and we're all holding onto the train while going through loops and edges and what not. It was actually really fun! ^^ Muahahaha, my first FMA dream! ^^

.... well, I did watch ep 23 before I went to sleep.. hehe. ^^; I really really really want to hug Al..

(Has anyone else dreamed of something FMA-related?)
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