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Fanfic: Shrapnel Prologue

First, a brief note to the icon requesters. I'm very distracted right now - I've completed six out of the... erm, lots of requests made, and have only posted four. Let me do three more before I edit the post again?

Anyway, I have finally written an FMA fanfic. The idea kinda popped into my head while I was trying to sleep, and it plagued me for... well, ages. Long enough for it to become daylight outside before I got to sleep. I was very shocked to find I was able to write it without plotting for weeks...

I feel damned awkward posting here right now though, I'll say that :D;;

Shrapnel - Prologue

AU. Alphonse waited at the end of the line, feeling as though he were luggage. But now that he and many other children had been evacuated from the cities and industrial areas, all they could do was wait for a stranger to take them in...

Rating: PG

(To the fic)

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