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Looking for cosplayers at AnimeFest


I'm going to be cosplaying Edward at AnimeFest in Dallas again this year, and I'm looking for other Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers to do a skit with. I've talked to a person on cosplay.com who's supposed to be cosplaying Rose, but that's about the only other person I've contacted.

I was thinking maybe doing something along the lines of one or two of the gag episode previews-- in fact, I already have episodes 14 and 15 prerecorded, and they have Rose in them, so I was hoping to locate cosplayers for the two remaining characters, Roy and Al. If that doesn't turn out, I'd gladly welcome other suggestions, but we'd have to be rather quick about putting the skit together, since I'd like it prerecorded, either with the actual cosplayers doing their own voices or me using some amateur voice actors I know to do the lines for them. ^.^

Oh yes, and if anyone's interested, but haven't heard about the gag episode previews, my fandub of eps 14-15 can be found here:


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