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On our trip to New York, My Oniichan and I were just talking about various things. Then he saw me sewing a Edo plushie for my friend and he asked me where'd I put the robot plushie. As usual, I yelled at him saying that he wasn't a robot, that he was a 14-year-old boy with his soul trapped in a suit of armor. After that, we started talking about him being a 'real boy' and came up with this:

Alphonse and Pinoccio (Or however you spell it XD)are very much alike; Both claim they are real boys, both have a kind heart, and both have a horn of some type(Pinoccio's nose, Al's horn..).
I have now solved the puzzle. Pinnocio wanted to get revenge and came back as a "boy" named "Alphonse Elric". If you combine the names correctly, He is know known as Alphonsio.

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