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Fanfiction - Listen To Your Heart

Hiya! I'm here again, with yet another EdxWin fanfiction! Yay! ^^; Okay, it's not that special. But yeah .. it's a songfic. :x

Title: Listen To Your Heart
Author: Taco // Fullmetal Ai ( aiyia )
Song: Listen To Your Heart, By DHT
Pairing(s): EdxWin
Rating: K+ // PG
Summary: It's happening again. They're leaving. They tell me that they might not be back for a while this time .. [EdxWin, Songfic][Dedicated to my niece, Samantha]

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2542224/1/

[ If we're not allowed to post links to fanfics in here, i'm sorry. :x Mods, please do delete if nessecary. ]

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