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[fic+pic] Shower Customs (aka HEY LOOK, A NAKED ED)

*cough* Kay, I was totally abusing the statement to "make titles creative!!" up there. I loooove yooou 8D;

Title: Shower Customs
Author: sketchyheart
Pairing: Ling x Ed
Rating: PG-13 for Ed and his dirty mouth. And possibly Ed's lack of pants.
Warnings: ....Ed has no pants, I suppose.
Summary: Ed's in the shower. Hurah!
Notes: Most of this was written at 4 am. Hurrr. I've never written an Ed fic before. Nor have I ever written a Ling fic before. My HavocRoy self is wondering what's wrong with me XD I haven't written in so long. It's so bad it hurts, argh, the pain! And if someone could tell me if "Xingian" is actually supposed to be "Xingan", that'd be great, and I'd go fix that XD;;
Word count:: 1,066

(“Ed didn't think he ever wanted to kill the Xingian prince any more than he did at that very moment.”)

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