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[ficlet] Elysia's Favorite Day

Okay, this is very possible to kill you all with cute. Consider yourself warned.

Title: Elysia's Favorite Day
Author: purplevix
Rating: G - but a warning for sugary sweetness
Notes: I tried to write this in a style that someone a little older than Elysia would. I think I pulled it off. Also, I've been listening to the Hughes songfile in the shower, and by the time Papa to Asoubou rolls around, I'm out and getting dressed, so it sinks in better and inspires this.
There is potential for episode 25 spoilers in the comments!

My favorite day

There was a cute little house in the middle of a quiet little street. Inside it lived a very happy family. Papa, Mama, and little Elysia. One day, it was Mama’s birthday! Papa and Elysia whispered and made a plan the night before. Papa was going to leave fo work, and Elysia was going to go to the neighbor’s house to play, but then Papa was going to take the day off of work, pick up Elysia, and they were going to spend the day shopping for something special for Mama. Papa was wearing his special blue clothes, and Elysia was wearing her favorite white shirt with marshmallow sleeves and pink jumper.

Elysia wanted to get something special for Mama because she was the bestest Mama in the whole wide world! Papa wanted to because he wanted to thank her for giving him such a cute daughter.

They looked around for hours and hours, but they couldn’t find anything. Nothing was special enough. After some yummy sandwiches for lunch, they kept looking. There was one shop filled with little glass people. They were all see-through and they sparkled, and they were really pretty. Papa saw one in the window that was perfect! It was big, and it had a big tree with another Mama, Papa, and a little Elysia all eating on a blanket.

“Look, she even has her hair in cute pigtails, just like you, Elysia-chan!” Papa said.

“This is what I want to get for Mama!” Elysia said.

Papa looked in his wallet. Oh no! They didn’t have enough money!

“Just leave this to Papa, Elysia-chan! You wait by the door and watch Papa!”

“Okay!” They went in, and Elysia stood near the door, just as she was told. Elysia is a good girl.

“Sir! Could you make me a deal on that impeccable piece of art in the window?”

“Sorry. Price as marked,” said the mean man with the big white moustache.

“Look here!” Papa was holding a bunch of pictures of Elysia. “Are you going to deny a girl this cute the present she has her heart set on for her dear mother for her birthday? Are you going to make this beautiful, adorable, irresistible face shine with tears when she realizes that she has to give up on her dream of giving that wondrous, beautiful, almost legendary piece of shaped glass in the window to her beautiful, one-of-a-kind, unmatchable mother?”

The man took a step back, because Papa had climbed halfway up onto the counter. “A-alright… I’ll bring it down to 200. But that’s my final offer!”

“Thank you sir!”

The not-so-mean man wrapped it up, and Papa gave him a picture of Elysia to thank him.

Then they went and picked out some flowers in Mama’s favorite color with the money they had left.

Once they had got home, Mama was cooking dinner. “Where have you two been, looking so pleased with yourselves?”

Papa and Elysia only looked at each other and smiled as big as they could. After dinner, Papa and Elysia gave Mama their presents.

“Oh! It’s so beautiful!” Mama said. She put the glass under a light so that it sparkled again. There were little rainbows all around them.

Mama put the flowers in a vase and put the glass on a shelf under the window, so the sunlight could hit it and it could sparkle again.

Then Mama, Papa, and Elysia all climbed up onto Mama and Papa’s big bed and fell asleep there. Before that though, Elysia said, “Mama, Papa, I love you.”

“Elysia-chan, Papa loves you too!” Papa hugged Elysia really, really tight.

“I love you, Elysia-chan, thank you,” Mama hugged Elysia too.

The End

“Well done, Elysia!” said her teacher as she applauded with the rest of the class. “That was a very nice story. Very well done.”

“Thank you Ms. Williams.” Elysia smiled broadly.

“Did your Mama and Papa help you with that?”

“Mama and Uncle Roy did.”

“That’s great Elysia! A-plus! Go and sit down now. Jimmy! Your turn!”

Elysia sat back down and laid the paper she had just read from on the top of her desk. She reached just inside near where she kept her eraser, and pulled out a small picture. It was of her and her Papa, she was up on his shoulders laughing, and he was looking up at her, grinning.

“Thanks, Papa!”

Thanks for reading!

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