banana_onigiri (banana_onigiri) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA artbook teaser scans

If you got an email about the artbook asking you to confirm your info, please answer it. If you paid and I have your artbook, I won't send it out unless you confirm because I don't want it getting lost in the mail. If you ordered it from me for this new batch order, if you don't confirm, I won't order a copy for you (it's my cash backing your order with amazon).

As an added incentive, I've put up some teaser scans here:

I don't know how Yahoo groups work so you might have to join but I made the group open to all (sorry about that though).
I'll be putting up a couple more so check back later for a few more pictures.

So please claim your artbooks! I have 10 lonely FMA artbooks sitting in my room waiting to be sent out.
Thanks to all!
Last chance to order the artbook!

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