c_C§keTcH (crystal_sketch) wrote in fm_alchemist,

new here. *waves hello*

Decided to post up some artwork, theres 3 here and one im fixing.all of them are of different people. (Roy, Ed,Winry,Riza-in that order)

Roy sneering? <- Roy's head done without reference, looks a bit different than him

Ed+Winry moment <- Sometimes Edward turns when he is blushing, what is the chance of winry seeing him?

soaked Riza <-Riza Hawkeye visiting the Rockbell home and had suddenly fell into a river which the colonel said wasnt his fault. slight revealence of underwear etc.

~images may be darkish...they were white before but it really blinded my eyes, i think the look softer in the grayish color.



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