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[fic] 'Far As You Go', part two (Roy/Ed, Al/Winry, PG)

Title: Far As You Go
Warnings: MOVIE SPOILERS, do not even read the summary if you don't want to be spoiled. Roy/Ed and Al/Winry, don't like, don't read.
Summary: Passage between worlds and resurrections does strange things to one's body. Almost 100 years after the Elric brother settle down in the world beyond the gate, Ed and Al are cursed with bodies that don't age, although they have managed to lead successful lives by changing identities every 20 years or so. Their almost-normal lives are shattered by Ed's discovery of a budding US politician who bears an impossibly strong resemblance to a certain Colonel.
Dedication: To moothril, who checks every chapter over for the political details, since I'm not from the US and despite my obsession with their politics, I do get things wrong. You do a great job, thank you so much.
Notes: Thanks to hime1999 and bard_linn for beta reading, and everybody who commented on the last chapter. Here's the next part!

( fake cut to the prologue and part one )

( Part Two: Meteorite )

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Edit: The link to part two is fixed now. Thanks, dhrachth!

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