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new stuff I got in the past couple days (lots of pics)

Nyuu, I would've posted this earlier today, but, well... one of my cats had to be put down this afternoon and I've nearly exausted myself from crying so much. Anyway, here's the newest additions to my FMA collection.

First is those new DX figures which I got in the mail from ebay yesterday-

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The other two (Lust/Gluttony & Armstrong/Bradley) are still in their packages. I'll probably sell them later, since I don't really have too much room left, lol.

Then I went to the mall today and got some cards from Suncoast, and this pillow-

Image hosted by

I would've got Al too, but Ed was all they had. After that I went to Hot Topic and got this keychain-

Image hosted by

I was hoping to get the hoodie, but they didn't have it. ;-; I knew I should've got it the last time I was there, but oh well. :\

Mmyep, that's about it. If this post is annoying, please feel free to delete it... just thought I'd brag a bit. *hides*

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