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updates and new pages, too

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Quick, someone get me some new writers. Need to balance out the site again, and I am so not a Libra. Heh. Actually, I just got word back from Andrea - a writer currently on - that she's accepted my invitation to join the archives. I can't wait until she sends me the revised/edited versions of her stories. I think all ya'll will like them; she's got a deft, graceful touch with the characterizations. Okay, enough of that.

As always, I have not put warnings or ratings on this list, so if you're uncertain, click on the author's name and review their listings first. I've been contemplating switching to putting the newest stuff at the top, so people can find it easily - right now, everything is listed in alphabetical order. Someone give me feedback and tell me which works better for people trying to read the stories. Thanks.

For those of you not familiar with the site, I think it's time to reiterate something so no one misinterprets how or who I will archive. It is by invitation, although I welcome nominations, and I do NOT focus on any one pairing. The real criteria is whether the author can write, uses proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and keeps the characters IC (unless providing a good reason for OOC). I will not scald, chastise, obstruct, or otherwise exclude any story purely on the basis of pairing (or even lack thereof). Just wanted to make that perfectly clear, because I think the real value of an archive is in its diversity. Someone else can do one that's exclusive for pairings or characters, but it won't be me.

Alright, stepping off the soapbox now. Bleah. ;D


Chira — fanart - 1 piece
VikkiCoffee Break
WhiteCatDon't Forget | Criminal/Offender | Bean

Two new artists added:
Hikari Blue — fanart - 23 pieces
Era-Chan — fanart - 19 pieces

Also added:
- adoption page for homeless plot bunnies and challenges
- new icon color to codes & colors page, to indicate M/F equivalent of shonen/shojo ai.
- update elist for anyone who wants updates mailed to them

Hm, I think that covers everything. Enjoy!

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