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about those new DX figures...

Okay, I just got these figures today, and trying to put together the Ed & Al one is literally KILLING me XD. How the hell do you get all the little lightening pieces to stay in?? It's like, I put one in and another one pops out. As far as I know they only fit in a certain way, but it's driving me nuts! I'm seriously about two seconds away from whipping out the crazy glue, lol. (same goes for the flamel on the Ed one, it just won't stay in!) I'm really paranoid and afraid of breaking these things, so if anyone can help me out here, I'll love you forever and give you muffins. :D

(also, this is just me being paranoid again, but I hope these are the real Japanese ones and not bootlegs. ._; I think they are real though... well I hope so XD)

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