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Ling and Ed fanarts, wee!

I just read the translated chapter 50 and... wow. I'm dead. Glad I read that after I doodled things, geez.


I was bored earlier, and didn't feel like reading the last 50 pages of A Tale of Two Cities, so I randomly started doodling.

Image hosted by
I obviously didn't try very hard to get this drawn properly, so please excuse the millions of things wrong with it ^___^
So.. That's the 5th Ling I drew in there. At first he was just in the background, smirking. Then he was trying to grope Ed. Then he was trying to steal a loaf of bread. And I don't remember what else, but Ed's face and hand are the only things that stayed the same. And the random spoon, from when i planned on them eating something XD

I leave the reasons why they're both shirtless and happy/annoyed to the fangirl mind ;D


But while I finished that, I felt kind of cracky so...

Image hosted by

I only really like Ling's expression in that. I want to steal him and squish him and make a plushie out of him. :D~

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(You can go look if you want~ I really wouldn't mind~ *poke prod* :D;)

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