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Some curiosiry....

Hi everybody, I just thought that some questions on manga storyline I’m constantly keeping in mind could make an interesting discussion… At least I would be very glad everybody to share their theories… my imagination goes off and I can’t create any possible explanations.

 Be careful, there may be some spoilers on the last chapters of the manga in my questions!

1. What the hell is Hoenheim doing?! He undoubtfully loves his sons but still wants to use them in his “evil plans” and apparently wants to destroy Amestris.
 2. What the promise he had made with Trisha?
3. Were they married at all? (“Hoenheim” is his last name, why Trisha and brothers are Elric, instead of Hoenheim, I can’t understand)
 4. Is Hohenheim human and if he is not when he stopped being it?

 5. What is the real aim of Mustang?.. What makes him desirer to become Fuhrer if he hadn’t killed Winry’s parents?
6. Why did Arakawa-sensei show us Liza targeting Mustang’s head while their being in Ishibal? What does this mean?
7. Who actually killed DRs. Rockbell, Scar or his brother?

8. What is the Homuncili? How they were created?
 9. Where is Al’s body? (I strongly suspect that it’s Pride and that turns us to the previous question).

10. What do Ling and his younger sister REALLY want?

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