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HELLLOOO!! I bring fan art!

Oh my god HELLO!!!!!!! XD;; Sorry. Anywho, I am new and bring FMA fanart *dose a dance* please dont flame ^^' Even if its not that good please dont flame..
(Roy: Muhahhaha *snaps fingers*
Me: Noooo!!)

^ Edward picture I did with ccopic markers and pencil crayones. o.o I forgot to colour in his automail... >.>;

^And here we have the Ed kitty. *Waves flag*

^And we're standing in the rain..

^And I love this picture and have NO idea why.

^And I'm sure Envy is INFACT a pole dancer

^and This is my second FMA sex change XD WEE. I amuse my self easily 8D

^First FMA sex change Ever! Muhahhaha I bet Ed is thinking "Hey.. I can now look at my self nakid!"

^Okay I lied.. This was my first FMA sex change.. >.>

^And where would we be without him!? XD Soon to come in Future Girl Roy and *gasp* Male Riza!?

^ D: I dun care if his neck is too long he is still sexeh!

^Last and somewhat least my work in progress of my painting! *dose a dance* whoo >.>

And thats all I have~ well no I have more then that but I are a lazy bum~


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