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Aaa Fanart.

Well.. Yea, I'm finally posting. XD! I've kind of floated around her for a while, itching to post some fanart though I havn't had enough practice on the characters yet to color and submit anything satisfactry...


I ended up practicing on my Ed's the last few days and wowie, I liked the smallest, most incomplete sketch I could find. ee; I ended up scanning it and coloring it to post -here-, and possibly my DA account. Sorry if it's a bit big, I can resize it if it gets to be troublesome. ^^

I really liked his hair for some reason! Meh, though he looks older than he should, I think that might be because I squared his chin a bit. *twitches* I hope I dont make a series of these, they might get chaotic. If I did, Roy would probably be next in line.

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