Imagination at it's finest (dragontrap) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Imagination at it's finest

Envy/Ed Duet

Yes I know I posted earlier, but I couldn't help but share the crack X3:

My friend sent me a song that happens to be from Digimon 02 with Ken (Paku Romi) and Wormmon (Takahashi Naozumi) singing a duet called "Hontou no Tsuyosa (True Strength)". When the song came on for the first time, I swore it was Ed and Envy doing a duet and just HAD to draw the crack that my brain was showing me. Even though I know Wormmon's VA ISN'T Envy's VA, the VA got close enough with the vocals to make it work *snickers* (If anyone wants to hear the actual song, you can download the duet here for up to 7 days)


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